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Environmental policy

Active environmental work is one of the cornerstones of Solid’s daily activity. These are the points that we strive for every day. If you have any questions about our environmental policy, contact us by mailing us on

  • We shall actively work towards reducing fuel consumption connected with personnel transport when visiting our customers and partner businesses, as well as personnel training, through using energy-efficient transport and vehicles.

  • We shall work towards reducing our use of electricity in office premises and by office equipment.

  • We shall ensure that our handling of waste from offices is done in a way that enables reuse and recovery and thereby leads to an improved resource management.

  • Our representatives and suppliers connected to our insurance services shall follow an environmental policy that is in line with our own.

  • Our employees shall be committed to environmental work and possess the environmental training necessary for their work tasks.

  • We shall meet the community’s environmental requirements, prevent pollution and continuously improve our environmental work.

Solid became ISO certificated 14001:2004 on 19 November 2012.
Solid ISO certificate (pdf).