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We see opportunities rather than obstacles

Solid’s early history is a healthy period of lessons and insights, setbacks and successes. We had worked for some time as an insurance representative for a major insurance company when, during a board meeting in 1993, we finally realised that we could do it ourselves. Perhaps even better.

Finding our niche

The founders of the company had discovered a vacant niche in the insurance market, namely policies that strengthen consumers’ purchasing security for capital goods. Extending the warranty period by three, five or seven years was almost revolutionary at that time. Since then, Solid Försäkring has been a rapidly growing company. Challenges and successes have meant that we have grown and developed in an optimal way for customers and colleagues. Long-standing relationships with our partners, agents and, particularly important, policyholders themselves show that our offering is in high demand.

In a strong spirit of entrepreneurship, we prefer to see opportunities rather than obstacles. We stimulate our own growth and generate our own momentum with the attitude that nothing is impossible.


2016 Resurs Holding is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange

2015 Acquisition of Falck Sverige’s entire cycle business, including the theft register

2012 Nordic Capital is new majority owner with the Bengtsson family’s holding company Waldir.

2010 Named General Insurance Company of the Year

2008 Web investment with sales of consumer policies via online shop

2007 Reached SEK 1 billion in premium payments for the first time

2007 First major acquisition when Nord Assurance and Global Reseskydd are acquired

2006 Range is extended with vehicle insurance and roadside assistance

2003 Started to target and develop European customers

2001 First insurance policies sold in Finland through OnOff

2000 First insurance policies sold in Norway through Siba

1999 First insurance policies sold in Denmark through Computer City

1998 First to offer accidental damage cover in product insurance, resulting in a sharp increase in volume

1997 Took the first customer, Audio Video, which was a competitor of the owners’ company

1993 Started in Helsingborg on 1 October 1993 as an insurer for Siba and Onoff