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Solid’s 3 sales channels

To make our mission easier to understand and spread, we have concentrated on specific channels that we particularly favour. Solid’s insurance products reach the market through partners, intermediaries and direct sales.


Our partners can be found in a number of different sectors. We produce profiled and targeted insurance concepts. We also help to create tools that simplify and streamline sales of our insurance products.


Flexibility and adaptability to what the customer is looking for is our strength. We can also take care of the entire process, from start to finish. All our sales outside the Nordic region are conducted through intermediaries and this has given us a good experience of working with this sales channel.

At Solid, we understand the intermediary’s situation and we understand the customer’s situation. If customers want to manage their insurance mediation through an intermediary, we can adapt our services and handle this, helping with aspects such as administration. The key to our success is that we work together with intermediaries, rather than competing with them.

Direct sales 

Direct sales to end customers in Sweden are conducted in several ways. In our own online insurance shop – – customers can browse at their leisure and buy the insurance they are looking for. We also reach our customers by telephone sales and addressed direct mail.

Become a partner and build further on a winning and profitable cooperation

Cooperation with our partners is based on three pillars: simplicity, efficiency and profitability. By always adapting our insurance solutions to the sector’s operations and the company’s circumstances and needs, we minimise complexity and quickly create added value such as increased sales and stronger customer loyalty.

Working in cooperation with Solid, each partner has access to a number of tools and services that enhance the company’s ability to effectively and successfully arrange our insurance. Most important is probably the profiling insurance concept that we develop together, and the sales and information material we produce. We also provide a simple system for registration, administration and statistics that allows efficient processing of the customer base. Welcome on board!