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Solid Insurance is one of the leading players in roadside assistance insurance. This is sold via partners as profiled solutions, and also directly to private individuals through our own channels.

Several forms of vehicle insurance

Solid offers comprehensive solutions for the motor industry, from roadside assistance to extended car warranties. Solid is a complete partner for the motor industry’s insurance and warranty needs.

  • Roadside assistance

A successful concept developed especially for car workshops. During servicing, the workshop can offer its customers roadside assistance, which increases the opportunities of retaining them as workshop customers. A large number of general repair workshops are partners of ours, and authorised repair workshops are showing keen interest.

Car dealer chains also see potential for tying customers closer to themselves and currently offer roadside assistance in connection with used car sales.

  • Extended car warranties

The Motor business line also includes different forms of extended warranties. By using Solid’s warranty solutions, vehicle dealers who are partners of ours can improve their margins and simplify internal administration.