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Product – Four types of insurance:

It’s actually simple. Things break, get stolen or are lost. This is why we specialise in developing policies for the retail trade that strengthen consumers’ purchasing security.

Our insurance solutions for capital goods are currently sold through partners in a number of sectors. These include home electronics, white goods, jewellery, watches, bicycles and eyewear. We have categorised the solutions into four product areas that we believe cover the needs of both retailers and end customers.

Excess elimination – pays the excess on the customer’s home or car insurance in the event of compensable damage.

Accidental damage insurance – insurance which takes effect if the product suffers external damage, e.g., dropping or liquid damage.

Extended warranty insurance – in practice, an extension of the original warranty. The insurance provides reimbursement for malfunction – i.e., damage that the policyholder could not have caused.

Theft insurance – applies when the thief has entered; also applies to theft outside the home.

Increased purchasing security 

The aim of covering these areas is to increase the customer’s purchasing security. The policyholder is spared the worry of costs and expenses when and if an accident occurs.

The services create clear added value and provide the retailer with enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales in return.

After-sales – Insurance renewal

In addition to direct mediation for the purchase of products, Solid is also able to offer after-sales management of the customer base. An example of this is Solid’s extension offering, which increases the partner’s loyalty to customers.

However, after-sales management can take many different forms and may also be used as a communication channel for our partners to their customers.

Solid manages and administers the entire after-sales management in Sweden and in selected parts of Norway. We always provide relevant insurance training of the personnel who will arrange insurance for customers.