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When travelling you don’t always know what might happen, and you are not always aware of your rights abroad. This is why there is a clear need for supplementary insurance options before and during your trip.

At Solid Insurance, we have chosen to specialise in travel insurance and cancellation insurance. Everything to ensure your insurance will cover the needs that arise on your trip.

Travel insurance and home insurance? 

A one-week charter trip usually needs supplementary travel cover in the home insurance policy, while travel over a longer period requires separate stand-alone insurance.

At Solid, we have a number of major travel industry players as customers, which is testimony to our efficiency in developing flexible solutions that can be easily adapted to specific needs. Our travel insurance is sold both via partners and directly to consumers through our own channels.

Different forms of travel protection 

  • Supplementary travel insurance

This is supplementary to the basic cover of home insurance, with secure features such as excess elimination, compensation for lost travel days and connection security.

  • Stand-alone travel insurance

Provides cover on the trip even if there is no other basic cover, e.g., for travel over a longer period. Provides basic or complete cover based on the customer’s choice and needs.

  • Special insurance

Travel insurance based on specific needs. Our product range includes backpacker insurance, which includes cover for high-risk sports, and golf insurance and weekend insurance.

  • Cancellation insurance

Cancellation insurance can be tailored to customers’ specific needs, for example, if their destination is a concert or football match. The protection may also be appropriate if the trip is unusually expensive. Solid offers different scope depending on the wishes of the customer and partner.